September 15, 2012

Navigating the Transition between Marraige and Divorce

When going into a place of transition from married life to being single, it can be painful.  It’s enough to go through a divorce with children, but then throw in the raw emotions of a husband or wife and things can get sticky.    If you take that pain and misuse it, this causes more problems for you and for your children.    In fact you may make decisions about your children that are not based on what is best for them.   But what happens when one person is so angry that he/she cannot see through that pain?  You then have a choice.  Spend more money on lawyers to fight it?  Participate in the drama and continue the issues for yourself and your children?   Are you willing to make things better for your children or are you stuck in the pain of divorce?   Here are some of the lessons I have learned looking back, even though it can be an ongoing challenge.

July 10, 2012

Vacations…. Are they a state of mind?

Vacation –  Does time off from work just mean getting away from work or turning off?  The question remains, if we take a staycation, is it the same as a vacation?  Well that depends on who you ask.  I say vacation can be a state of mind; it’s all up to you.    Keep these things in mind when planning your family vacation.


Peace of Mind – Enjoying my time with the ones I love, being joyful, not worrying, which allows me to relax.    Children need to be fed, watched over, supervised, coddled, and monitored.  It is much easier to have them in a monitored setting where you know they will be safe, well fed and well rested.    They are happy, in turn, you are happy.     Choose a setting that aligns with this principle.

June 22, 2012

Parents of Parents: When a New Baby Enters the Picture

Parents of New Parents,  Tips that could save the day….

Is it love or is it in the genes?    It is so frustrating dealing with our parents, especially when we become parents for many of us.  Here are some tips in dealing with your parents when you are a new parent:

1 – Rule Number One:    Let your parents be involved and visit with the baby but allow healthy space.  Keep your time with visitors limited to when you and the baby are rested and ready.   Most pediatricians advise that the newborn should not be exposed to any unnecessary germs for at least a month.   There are hormones, bonding, breast or bottle feeding, and getting to know the newborn’s temperament.  This can be a very happy time and a very emotional time for the parents as well.  Allow yourself to settle into your new life as a family without being overwhelmed with other people around.  Settle into your new routine, allow physical recovery, bond with the baby, and lap up the love.

May 9, 2012

Diversity ….That means You

Diversity – What does it really mean?


What exactly are we talking about when we say diversity?  Diversity of thought, culture, choice, color or all of the above?  I believe it covers all of the above and more!  Our corporate culture has been going through massive changes the last 20 years.  Now that we are moving towards a global economy, global culture, what is best for you on your work team?   America is best known for its melting pot of cultures in our people.  We are proud to come from all over the world.  In a global economy this is the perfect solution for our companies to hire people from different cultures.    Wouldn’t we all be bored if there was only one kind of potato chip, or better yet, only one kind of clothing we could all wear?   Yes, I am making a point to diversity.  Diversity, variety, differences change everything….   For the better.

April 13, 2012

One Person’s Thoughts on Yoga

What is Yoga to you?  To me, Yoga is an ancient tradition, a movement that is not only based on Physical alignment of your body but also based on energy movement in the ancient tradition of the “Sutras” or in other words, psychology of a good life lived, or sought after, or a philosophy on life.  Why you say?  Well the physicality of yoga is connected to the spirituality or energy of your physical makeup.


In an incredibly simplified version, the physical movements of yoga are supposed to help us move towards the attainment of who we really are, the person behind the person.  It strips away the layers of our ego, like peeling an onion.  Simply, the subtle effects that yoga can have on you can change the way you react to life.   Although not immediately apparent, when you walk out of a great yoga class, you should somehow feel lighter and clear headed.  We do this through aligning the body physically in a particular sequenced order so that energy can move through the body, and out, so that new revitalizing energy can move in.  The addition of breath work with the physical movements supports this process and is essential to a good practice.

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